b. Queens, NY                                                                                                  

Lives and works in Chicago, IL


2017   MFA    The University of Chicago, Department of Visual Arts, Chicago, IL

2004   BFA     The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY


2019          Full Scholarship, The Center Program, Hyde Park Art Center

2017-18    Post-MFA Teaching Fellowship, The University of Chicago

2016-17    Art Science and Culture Initiative Graduate Fellowship, The University of Chicago

2016          Student Creativity Grant, The University of Chicago

2015-17    Darrow Humanities Fellowship, The University of Chicago

2004          Sarah Cooper Hewitt Award, The Cooper Union

2000-04    Full Tuition Scholarship, The Cooper Union


2019   New Edition, Hyde Park Art Center

2019   The Center Program, Hyde Park Art Center

2017   Ox-Bow Fall Artists and Writers Residency, 5-week


2010   Cosmos and Amateurs, Durham Arts Place  |  Durham, NC


2019   Anniversary Show, Elephant Room Gallery  |  Chicago, IL (forthcoming)

           Intersectional Touch, Hyde Park Art Center  |  Chicago, IL

           12 Openings Part 7, Compound Yellow  |  Chicago, IL

2018   Ground Floor Biennial, Hyde Park Art Center  |  Chicago, IL

2017   Student Summer Projects: Time Warpage Generator, Logan Exhibitions  |  Chicago, IL

           And, and, and Part I, Logan Exhibitions  |  Chicago, IL

2016   The Path is not Linear, Blanc Gallery  |  Chicago, IL

           Sabina Ott: Who cares for the sky?, Hyde Park Art Center  |  Chicago, IL

2015   We the Survivalists, Gallery 213 Mana Contemporary  |  Chicago, IL

           Sevii, Elephant Room  |  Chicago, IL

           Deep Cuts, Jameson’s  |  Eugene, OR

           Remnants, Open Center for the Arts  |  Chicago, IL

           Deep Cuts, American Traditional Barbershop  |  Eugene, OR

           Reverberate, Bliss on Bliss projects  |  Queens, NY

           Blue November, NYCH Gallery  |  Chicago, IL

2014   Heroes and Villains, Jameson’s  |  Eugene, OR

2013   Helping Hands, OAS Gallery  |  Eugene, OR

           Pacific Northwest Art Annual, The Erb Memorial Union  |  Eugene, OR

2011   Superheroes, Man Bites Dog Theater  |  Durham, NC

2007   Group Exhibition, M15 Gallery  |  New York, NY

2006   8-ft Art, Sputnik Gallery  |  Brooklyn, NY

2005   Paradise Lost, Marvelli Gallery  |  New York, NY

           Group Exhibition, The Laundromat  |  Brooklyn, NY

           Group Exhibition, Cleary Gottlieb Exhibition Space  |  New York, NY

2004   Escape, The Houghton Gallery  |  New York, NY

2003   Student Art Auction, The Houghton Gallery  |  New York, NY


2014   Oregon Museum of Science and Industry  |  Portland, OR

2014   The University of Oregon  |  Eugene, OR

2013   Oregon State University  |  Corvallis, OR


2017   Artist Talk; Ox-Bow School of the Arts Resident Lecture Series  |  Saugatuk MI

2017   And, and, and Part 1; Panel Discussion moderated by Max Guy, Logan Exhibitions  |  Chicago, IL


2018   Ground Floor: A Biennial Exhibition of New Art From Chicago; Exhibition Catalog Published by Hyde          Park Art Center

2017   And, and, and; MFA Thesis exhibition catalog

           Chrono-logical Chapter One; Self-published graphic novel

2016   South: As a State of Mind [Issue #8 Documenta 14 #3]; Documenta 14 exhibition catalog

2012   The Quarterlife Quarterly, New York based online journal

2011   Featured Artist, The Blotter magazine, Carrboro NC


2017-18   Visiting Lecturer, Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University   Northwest, Hammond IN

Art Appreciation

2018         Post-MFA Guest Lecturer, Department of Visual Arts, The University of Chicago

Visual Language: On Images

2017         Course Assistant,  Department of Visual Arts, The University of Chicago

Intro to Painting, Professor Katherine Desjardins

Visual Language: On Images, Professor David Schutter

2016         Course Assistant,  Department of Visual Arts, The University of Chicago

Visual Language: On Images, Professor Carol Jackson

Intro to Printmaking, Professor Katherine Desjardins

Senior Seminar, Professor William Pope.L

2015         Course Assistant,  Department of Visual Arts, The University of Chicago

Painting I&II, Professor Scott Wolniak

2002-04   Drawing Instructor,  The Saturday Program, The Cooper Union

Weekend drawing class for high school students

2001         Drawing Instructor,  The Asheville Free School, Asheville, NC

Volunteer Instructor for free, weekly, community drawing class for students of all levels


2018-Current    Contributing Writer, New Art Examiner, Chicago IL

2017-Current    Studio Assistant,  PAHC Studio, Chicago IL

2016-17              Committee Member,  MFA Cluster Talk Committee, The University of Chicago

2016-17              Gallery Attendant,  The Renaissance Society, Chicago IL

2015-17              Graduate Mentor,  MFA/BA Student Mentor Program, The University of Chicago

2014-15              Gallery Attendant,  Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago IL

2010-17              Scientific Illustrator,  Freelance

2007                  Studio Assistant,  William Quigley, New York NY

2006-07            Art Restoration Assistant,  Paulo Spano, Bialystoker Synagogue, New York NY

2006                 Gallery Assistant,  The Brooklyn Artists’ Gym, Brooklyn NY

2001                  Studio Assistant,  Robert Gardner Studio, Asheville NC

2000                 Gallery Assistant,  Paula Barr Gallery, New York NY


2017   Polymer Chemistry; cover illustration

Front Cover: E. B. Berda et al. Single-chain nanoparticles containing sequence-defined segments: using primary structure control to promote secondary and tertiary structures in synthetic protein mimics. Polymer Chemistry, 2017, Issue 38.

2015   Energy Environmental Science; cover illustration

Back Cover: Ritenour, A. J.; Boucher, J. W.; DeLancey, R.; Greenaway, A. L.; Aloni, S.;

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2015   Chemistry of Materials; cover illustration

Front Cover: Burke, M. S.; Enman, L. J.; Batchellor, A.; Zou, S.; Boettcher, S. W. Oxygen-

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2015   Chemistry- A European Journal; cover illustration

Inside Back Cover: Popov, I; Chen, T-H; Belyakov, S.; Daugulis, O.; Wheeler, S. E.; and

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2014   Inorganic Chemistry; cover illustration

Front Cover: Hartle, M.D.; Sommer, S.K.; Dietrich, S.R.; Pluth, M.D. “Chemically

Reversible Reactions of Hydrogen Sulfide with Metal Phthalocyanines.” Inorg. Chem.

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2014   Inorganic Chemistry; cover illustration Vol. 53, Iss. 15

Front Cover: Kamunde-Devonish, M. K.; Jackson Jr., M. N.; Mensinger, Z. L.; Zakharov, L.

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2014   Chemistry of Materials; cover illustration

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2014   Crystal Growth and Design; table of contents image

Table of Contents Image: Percastegui, E. G.; Zacharov, L. N.; Alvarado–Rodríguez, J. G.;

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2013   Chemistry of Materials; cover illustration

Front Cover: Nadarajah, A.; Carnes, M. E.; Kast, M.; Johnson, D.; Boettcher, S. “Aqueous

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